About Us

The foundation of Little Bubs Childcare was laid with the vision of inculcating values in Children aged between 0-6 years, and to develop them according to the framework they would fit in when in big school. We have got the best staff as a part of our full preschool service that we offer for children aged between 3-6 years.

We are known for walking an extra mile when it comes to developing skills in children, as our prime focus is on the key areas which include Language & Literacy and Mathematics. We ensure that we equip our children with personal, social and physical skills and raise keen learners in our Childcare center. The full Preschool Program incorporates our Transition to School program which is entirely based on the Early Years of Learning Framework.

We care, we teach, and we make them happy.

Childcare Facilities


We pride ourselves on having High Quality Early Childhood Qualified Staff. With a Early Childhood University Trained Teacher as our Director & Educational Leader, overseeing the Educational Programs.


Your child’s daily food requirements are provided by Kids Gourmet Food.

The daily menus consist of fresh quality produce and are both healthy and delicious. Menus offer fun, creative and nutritious meals catering for babies through to children 5 years old. In addition, we can provide Vegetarian meals if appropriate. All allergies and food intolerances are catered for by providing a menu that is tailor-made to suit individual food restrictions.

Kids Gourmet Food offers the following features:

  • Nut free – no nut products of any kind.
  • Egg free (with a few vegetarian alternative exceptions).
  • Pork free – Halal
  • The menus have varied food styles and multicultural influences.
  • No artificial starches or thickeners.
  • NSW State Government recognized Gold Licence Caterer with The Restaurant & Catering Association of NSW.
  • Kids Gourmet Food complies with the requirements of the Food Standards Code in addition to being a registered food business with the NSW Food Authority.
  • KGF undergoes rigorous Food Safety Assessment every 3 months by an independent food safety consultant, Stephen Davidson of Food Safety Management Solutions.

You can find further information at this link https://www.kidsgourmetfood.com.au/information-for-parents/

Extra-Curricular Activities?

At Little Bubs Childcare Centre we offer programs to support our Intentional Teaching moments, such as Walk-about Reptiles, Drum beats & Under the Sea show & Back Yard Bugs show, which increases children’s awareness & learning throughout the year.

Little Bubs Childcare Centre also likes to celebrate all the varied families cultures that use our service, including Diwali, Eid, Chinese New year, Australia Day, Easter, Christmas etc. We are also happy to include more cultural days & celebrations into our yearly calendar.