About Us

The foundation of Little Bubs Childcare was laid with the vision of inculcating values in Children aged between 0-6 years, and to develop them according to the framework they would fit in when in big school. We have got the best staff as a part of our full preschool service that we offer for children aged between 3-6 years.

We are known for walking an extra mile when it comes to developing skills in children, as our prime focus is on the key areas which include Language & Literacy and Mathematics.

Our Programs

Our Transition to School Program incorporates key areas of Learning including:


Teaching children through the Munch & Move program how to take responsibility for their own health through good nutrition, healthy hygiene habits & physical exercise.


Creating a strong sense of identity through the development of children’s social & emotional skills.


Developing children’s communication skills through storytelling, music/movement, art/craft, dramatic play & tactile experiences.

Involved Learning

Developing children’s love of learning through problem solving, inquiry, experimentation, hypothesizing, researching and investigating.


Developing children’s abilities in reading, writing & listening skills through language, literacy, numeracy, science, maths & physical activities.

Our World

Developing children’s knowledge of their world, how to take care of it through sustainable practices, as well as learning about different cultures & countries.

What We Offer

State of the art resources in a High-Quality Facility.

5 Nutritious Meals provided Fresh Daily by Kids Gourmet Food.

Safe & Secure centre with visual camera doorbell entry & video monitoring.

Daily Communication to all families directly to your smartphone via Our Family Lounge App.

Childcare Facilities

Play Based Learning

The learning that occurs in Play Based environments is often informal, gained as children interact, explore and try out different ways of doing

Healthy Meals

Our centre provides all meals during the day. Including breakfast, morning tea, lunch, dessert, afternoon tea late afternoon tea


We pride ourselves on having High Quality Early Childhood Qualified Staff. With an Early Childhood University Trained Teacher as our Director

Extra-Curricular Activities

As well as programs to support our Intentional Teaching moments, such as Walk-about Reptiles, Drum beats & Under the Sea show

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